Project Description

Bringing a new medical treatment or drug to market often takes years and costs billions of dollars, and clinical trials usually present the biggest sinkhole — by some estimates, up to 20% of a $65B industry. As medical expenses skyrocket, several startups working on AI and other emerging technologies aim to revolutionize or, in some cases, even replace the clinical trial process.

These new technologies promise to get the right cure to the right people at the right time, simply because they decrease the time to market and expenses involved in clinical trials — while also reducing the frustration that so many patients feel about their treatment options.


Daniel Kraft, Founder and Chair, Exponential Medicine


Wout Brusselaers, Co-Founder and CEO, Deep 6 AI

Dr. Michelle Longmire, Co-Founder and CEO, Medable

Mohanad Fors, Global Head of BIOME – Digital Innovation Lab, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Ruchita Sinha, Senior Director of Investments, Sanofi Ventures