VLAB is committed to making high quality productions, even during the pandemic. In addition to recording our events online, we would like you to record the video locally so we can edit together a higher quality version of the discussion. Here are our guidelines and instructions on how to set that up:


  1. Internet Connection: Use ethernet connection if at all possible, this will give the best connection your internet has to offer. 7Mbps up/down is minimal for a wifi connection and can be tested with speedtest.net
  2. Audio: This tends to be one of the most important and simple things people can do. AirPods or headsets bring a mic closer to the participants mouth, which results in a clearer and louder recording. If wireless headset is being used, make sure it’s charged and ready to go before the event. Headsets can also provide some level of noise cancellation, which is also helpful.
  3. Lighting: Webcams work best with a lot of light. It’s important that light not be coming from behind the participant, like a window. This causes the participant to look a bit dark and silhouetted. Ideally that light would falling onto the participants face. Having a window behind the laptop or lamp behind the laptop or desktop will help illuminate the participants face evenly.
  4. Eyeline: Placing your webcam at eye level looks best to viewers. For example, if you are using a laptop, place some books underneath. This brings your camera more directly in front of your eyes, vs below your eyes.

Recording Settings

  1. Video: If you are not currently on a call go to the settings menu (Gear drop-down in the upper right hand corner of the main zoom
    dashboard), go into the Video settings and make sure that Enable HD selected.
  2. Recording: Go to the Recording settings and choose a location to save the recording. Make sure Optimize for 3rd party video editor and Record video during screen share and Place video next to the shared screen in the recording are selected.

During the Event

  1. Pin Video: We want your recording to focus on you, so we would like you to pin your own video so it is consistent. Once the call starts, click the options button on your own video and select Pin Video. Be sure to leave it on for the entire event.
  2. Record Session: Once the call has started, click the Record button at the bottom to start recording. After the event is over, please send us the local recording. The event team can share a Google Drive folder to upload it to.