John Deere

SeedStar technology at work. Image courtesy of John Deere

Over the next 35 years, the world population is expected to increase by nearly one-third — more than 2 billion people. Providing enough food for these folks, with about the same amount of land and probably less water, is a huge challenge that needs serious attention. This is where agricultural technology comes in.

Farmers rely on four primary support structures: Seed companies, irrigation specialists, chemical and fertilizer companies and heavy equipment dealers. They are not used to dealing with “high-tech.” But it is technology that is needed to increase crop yields and to manage important tasks to support our growing population.

Precision agriculture integrates data into the farming ecosystem allowing farmers to make the best decision about their fields for planting, fertilizing and harvesting crops. John Deere, a multi billion dollar,178-year-old, globally recognized brand in agricultural machinery and now software, is a leading player in AgTech.