Self-Driving Vehicles – Startups (Already) on the Road

The big question: Are we there yet? Thilo Koslowski,  the panel moderator, is truly a pioneer in the automotive industry. He has been an active participant in industry since 1997, starting the automotive division at Gartner - 16 years ago before becoming their Vice President & Automotive Practice Leader. Gartner serves as the largest technology advisory [...]

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4 Ways Driverless Cars will Disrupt the World Forget about self-parking vehicles, hands-free highway travel, and automatic braking. Driverless cars could change the entire car industry, car ownership, and anything connected to transportation. What’s more, such vehicles should arrive by the end of this decade.   "Disruptive innovations... don’t attempt to bring better products to established customers… they are simpler, more convenient, [...]

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