Young Entrepreneurs: Changing the Game (Part I)

“I saw a problem and wanted to solve it.” “I didn’t realize I was starting a company; I looked at it like I was working on a project.” “I didn’t want to work for anyone else.” Whatever the motivation, all five of the panelists on our January “Young Women Entrepreneur| Unbroken” panel have become successful [...]

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Big Data from Space: Actionable Intelligence on Earth

“Space is no longer being defined by larger, more established companies, but rather new companies that are extending the boundaries.” Amaresh Kollipara The Industry Value Chain On Dec 7, 1972, the Apollo 17 crew took the first picture of the whole Earth, entitled “The Blue Marble.” The industry involving space has evolved greatly since that [...]

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Hugo Fiennes: The Road to Electric Imp

VLAB refers to noteworthy entrepreneurs like Hugo Fiennes as luminaries. He’s been a serial entrepreneur with histories at both innovative startups and large, well known corporations. Now he leads Electric Imp, a venture-funded startup that enables the internet of things. The path to “noteworthy luminary,” however, is seldom short or easy. Hugo’s path was no [...]

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