VLAB’s Mache Creeger Shares His Candid Viewpoint on Fully Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) represent a new surge of progress and opportunity for the automotive industry and may redefine how ground transportation is designed and used.

Market Research Future projects the autonomous vehicles market will expand at a CAGR of 26.2% in the period from 2016 to 2027 reaching a whopping $65.3 billion.

With the dream of self-driving cars emerging as reality, today’s current generation of young people may be the last drivers of motor vehicles.

In Silicon Valley, one can see test cars already on the public roads. In the next few years, several vendors plan to release vehicles in limited-use situations. Fully autonomous vehicles will come afterward.

To explore this topic further, VLAB is hosting a panel event chaired by Mache Creeger and Bill Lee called “Fully Autonomous Vehicles: Removing the Front Seat Driver” on May 24th at the Hewlett Teaching Center at Stanford University. Panelists are from Shasta Ventures, Aurora, Autotech Ventures, Zoox and Lyft. VLAB Blogger Michelle McIntyre recently spoke with Mache to get his thoughts on this topic, how his Masters in Computer Science with a focus on Artificial Intelligence has helped in his career, what he does in his day job, and his philosophy on life and work.

Michelle: What is your day job?


Mache: I work for a startup called CORNAMI. We deliver a custom silicon-based, hardware accelerator to execute applications with high degrees of both concurrency and performance. The technology is applicable to a broad array of use cases including big data, analytics, deep learning, machine learning, autonomous vehicles, drone swarms, simulation, high-frequency trading, and the Internet of Things or IoT Edge processing.


Michelle: What made you decide to chair a VLAB panel?


Mache: This is my third time co-chairing a VLAB event. I wanted to learn more about the emerging Autonomous Vehicles commercial space. Where it is today, its trajectory for the future, its challenges and opportunities, and what can it deliver and when.


Michelle: I see you have a few degrees from the University of Maryland including a Master of Science in Computer Science with a focus on AI. What made you pursue that degree, and how did that help you in your career?


Mache: I moved from Psychology and Biochemistry over to Computer Science because when I asked myself whether I would enjoy recreational reading in either Psychology, Biochemistry, or Computer Science, Computer Science won hands down. My focus in AI came later when I was inspired by one of my professors. It was a way to combine my training in Psychology and Biochemistry/Physiology with my passion for computers.


Michelle: How can a stronger autonomous vehicle ecosystem help society?


Mache: Today, a driver is required for personal ground transportation whether it is a bus, taxi, or any other vehicle. The change to autonomous vehicles will remove that requirement and trigger a sea change event in how folks transport themselves. With the widespread availability of Level 5 Autonomous Vehicles, personal ground transport will become much less expensive and much more widely available.


Michelle: What is your philosophy on life and work?


Mache: I have a saying, “Work shoots a big hole in the day”. If you can merge your passions with what you do for a living then you are really never working but living your life to your fullest potential.


This means happiness with the least stress.


For me, that is the goal, but sadly still a work in progress.


Tickets to this May 24th VLAB event are available at VLAB.org. The panel will also be streamed online.


Michelle McIntyre is a VLAB blogger and Silicon Valley PR Consultant. @FromMichelle on Twitter. Follow VLAB on Twitter @VLAB