Freedom Defined by a Volunteer Event Chair

As an all-volunteer organization, VLAB has the “best of the best” greeting you at events, putting together thought-provoking panels, and working behind the scenes to make it all run smoothly. This week, we caught up with Anshuman Tripathi, Event Chair for  “The Future of Transportation: Freeways or Flyways?” at SRI International on November 15, 2016 about his volunteer experience. Here’s what he had to say.

Who is the real Anshuman Tripathi?

I’m the guy next door who is passionate and curious about how technology can help improve human lives. My day job is director of Tejes Services Inc.

What brought you to VLAB? How did you hear about us?     

While at Stanford I learned about VLAB. A few years after graduating, I volunteered at an event just to “feel like a student” again. I got so hooked that here I am.

What are you doing now for VLAB? 

I’m organizing the upcoming event on the Future of Transportation, showcasing flying cars and passenger drones. I have been involved in various capacities with other events as well, like the one on Chatbots last month.

What’s YOUR favorite mode of transportation and why?

I love to drive my car, but I would have to say public transport buses in New Delhi, India when I was growing up. For me it defined freedom. Not only for travel, but above all it gave me an opportunity to watch people from various walks of life.

When will the average citizen be able to buy a flying car?

The average citizen will be able to buy a flying car when the average citizen votes to change the regulatory system. Honestly, a lot of the technology is already there, it requires us to change the way we think about travel and hence the regulations around it.

What do you like about your role at VLAB?

It’s an exhilarating opportunity to get a sneak preview of what the future holds. I’ve enjoyed great conversations with founders, journalists, corporates, VC’s, etc., about what will be shaping our lives in the near future. Above all the VLAB team synergy is so aligned and the people are great to work with. It’s a humbling experience at times.

What surprised you about your role as event chair?

Before I got involved with The Future of Transportation event, I always thought of comic books and cartoons whenever I heard mention of flying cars. I had absolutely no idea how close to reality this technology is.

Finish this sentence. VLAB is for people who… are looking to help shape the future with new technologies.

Anshuman’s “Favs”

Favorite Food: Indian desi “street food” and a good cup of chai

Favorite Weekend Activity: A meditation retreat in the woods or by the beach

Favorite Music: 80’s Rock n Roll 🙂


Story by Michelle McIntyre. Photo by Paul Sakuma Photography